Loden by Fabrik

Bigger is better with Loden. A responsive theme with a full-screen homepage that focuses on making photos and video as large as possible. With a full gamut of thumbnail crop ratios this theme gives you fluid project and blog list pages that expand from one column on mobile screens to five columns on large desktop display screens. For your projects, video and images are displayed using a slideshow layout so your audience can browse through your projects piece by piece. Use the theme settings to determine how many featured projects you want to loop through on your homepage and whether or not to remove titles, portfolio categories and summaries from your pages for those who like to keep the textual content ultra-minimal.

Creatives who like to let their imagery do the talking will enjoy working with the simplicity of Loden’s layout and theme options. A very popular theme for filmmakers, costume designersphotographers and any creatives who work mainly with letterbox and landscape format media.

Homepage Video
Let your video do the introductions for you with Loden's homepage cover layout, which includes background video courtesy of your Vimeo account.

Homepage Cover Layouts
Pick a cover layout to create an intro to your work on your homepage. Your cover area can include a slideshow or a single image, and an option intro message.

Homepage Feature Layouts
Use your homepage hero area to display your best, or latest work. Use a single project, or build a slideshow of feature projects feature to get your viewers to the good stuff quickly.